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Fibertron, Inc.

Selling and manufacturing amazing electrostatic systems since 1988

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Fibertron is a "Do It Yourself" Carpet System used by professionals, companies and do it yourselfers all over the United States.  Fibertron is used to replace marine and outdoor carpent on boats, campers, decks, docks, and just about anything else you can think of.  It's perfect for restorations on old cars, boats, or equipment.  Fibertron is even used in commercial buildings as well as homes for sound proofing and cosmetics.  Once you make the change to Fibertron, You will never go back to carpet!  Fibertron is water proof, seals a deck like fiberglass but is soft to touch and feels like carpet!

Check out a Fibertron System today!!!

See us at the Minneapolis Sportsman Show March 22nd - 25th.

We will have systems on hand and also a demo so you can see how easy it is to apply.  We will have special pricing and also payment options to help you get into a system that's right for you!

Please contact us at (727) 581-7401 or email us at if you need supplies or have any questions about our systems.

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